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For Driving Lessons | Intensive driving courses | Refresher Driving Lessons. Find an earlier practical driving test at a London test center. Check the menu at the bottom to see if your area is presently covered or send a text with your enquiry. If your area isn’t covered see if we can agree on a meeting point.

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  1. Manual Driving lessons £24 an hour
  2. Intensive Driving Courses £23 an hour. Early Practical Driving Test Found and Booked For You included in the course
  3. Block Book 10 or more driving lessons at £23 an hour when paid for in advance
  4. Automatic Driving Lessons in South London, Croydon and Thornton Heath are presently no longer available but may be available soon
  5. Female Driving Instructors Available
  6. Refresher driving lessons
  7. Intensive driving courses in London. It is possible to arrange a meeting point if your area isn’t covered in the menu
  8. For London Driving Test Centers. Practical driving test cancellation check service £20
  9. Book and Pay For A Driving Lesson Online

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Driving Lessons in London
A very happy student. Passed her driving test at West Wickham on the 6th December 2017. The first student to take the new driving test with A Driving Instructor London and passed with 2 minors! It has been a long journey though. 2 tests with another driving school years ago and then more tests with A Driving Instructor London to finally pass on the 5th attempt. It just goes to show, if you keep going, have commitment of the driving instructor and the student you will get there in the end. A shining example if you are struggling with passing. It shows on her face how pleased she is to finally have her full driving license


Driving lessons in Croydon
Recently took a short intensive driving course with A Driving Instructor London which included the driving test cancellation check service to find a short notice, driving test cancellation date. Passed his practical driving test in Croydon at the Croydon driving test center with only 3 minors after failing his test with another driving school a few months ago. Very happy student

Manual driving lessons & Crash Courses

Passed the driving test UK
A Happy Student. Trained with A Driving Instructor London in South London and took her test in Cumbria, passed 1st time!

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Intensive Driving Courses in London

Intensive driving courses presently offered in South London. Croydon and Thornton Heath5 day, 3 day, 1 week, 2 week  intensive driving courses. Depending on need and ability. Click  intensive driving courses for info

Driving Lessons in Croydon and Mitcham
It took a few years for Marie to want to get back to driving again and take a practical driving test.  After failing years ago with another driving school. Marie started a short course of driving lessons with A Driving Instructor London. Marie was a partly trained student. After a 1 hour assessment drive, she had her practical driving test booked for her using the practical driving test cancellation check service here. Took a few lessons to brush up on her driving to get to driving test standard and took her driving test a week later. Here she is looking happy after passing the practical driving test with only 2 minors. Well done Marie!




The Driving School Shop

This durable, plastic, car work top desk presently for sale in the driving school shop. I have one myself and it’s very handy. It means you can have your hands free while parked up and eating and drinking or working on it. The car work top desk can be attached to your steering wheel so it doesn’t have to be on your lap and catches any food to prevent it from landing on your lap.  Pay online or have it brought to the driving lesson to save on postage costs making it almost half the price. £9.99 with postage. £6 without postage.  Click to view or buy.       Car Accessories

Recently added in the driving school shop:  

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    Learning for the PDI
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    Learning to drive books

What about Pass Plus?

Pass Plus is a course of 6 modules of driver training taken over a minimum of 5.5 hours actual driving. The course could be longer depending on student need. The Pass Plus modules are:

Driving in town, driving in all weathers (snow may not be possible to achieve and will depend on climate), driving on a rural road, driving at night, driving on a dual carriageway, driving on a motorway. Pass Plus is not a test but the student will be assessed before being signed off by the driving instructor to enable the student to apply for the Pass Plus certificate. The student must be competent in all modules, to standard. The driving instructor giving the Pass Plus training must be registered to do so with the DVSA. After the course of 6 modules it’s up to the student to send the form with signatures to the DVSA to get their certificate. Some insurance companies offer discounts to students with a Pass Plus certificate.

Is it worth it?  If you want more experience in these driving areas, yes it could be helpful. If you want to build your confidence up a bit more on the motorway, yes it could be helpful, especially as your practical driving test training didn’t include motorways. If you are hoping for a massive discount on car insurance, check with your chosen insurance company for their take on it.

Presently there is only one Pass Plus registered, independent driving instructor available offering Pass Plus training in South London with A Driving Instructor London . Availability is tight but text or call to see what we can do.