About The Service Provided Here

A Driving Instructor as a website  has been online and in operation for many years. It is an active website meaning it is updated and looked after on a regular basis and there is a voice at the end of the phone. It is now an advertising platform for independent driving instructors, small driving schools and learner driving related products. When I was a young ADI setting out as an independent driving instructor after being with a large driving school franchise 10 years ago there was little in the form of affordable, active, driving instructor advertising websites on the internet. The ones on offer were classifieds that were and are still simply, floating websites with free advertising space where you become one in thousands. Everyone wants free advertising but free doesn’t mean good or even real advertising. Having been a driving instructor for years its given me inside knowledge and has allowed for this website to emerge where it is meaningful advertising for driving instructors and not just a floating classified website full of space given for free that doesn’t actually advertise anything.

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