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If you are an independent driving instructor click the first in the menu. If you are a driving school click the second in the drop down menu. You will be taken to Paypal where you can login or pay as a guest with a debit or credit card. Paypal will do the rest. You can unsubscribe at any time just send a text or email to let us know or cancel it yourself. To avoid paying for the next month let us know at least 2 weeks before the next months subscription comes out. Subscriptions are paid for the month and for the month ahead, not in arrears so if you cancel during the month the subscription for the month you have paid for is not refundable but the following month wont be taken. To join now subscribe, send the details you want on your page and it will be up and running within the day. You can have it updated when you need it to be just send the details. £15 or £20 depending on which button you clicked will be taken from your account each month via Paypal so no need to do anything more

About advertising with a subscription on this website and how it works

Although the driving instructor clickable icon is placed on the Home page with other driving instructor icons competition isn’t an issue because of the way search engines work. A search engine places pages independent of each other and so independent of the Home page of a website. For example, when a learner driver searches for a driving instructor in Croydon the page or pages for Croydon will show up where pages for Tulse Hill might not. Whether it shows up on the front pages of a search engine will depend on the ranking of a website and its content. If a website has good content and is ranked well, the pages will rank well independently so learner drivers can land on to an instructor profile page without seeing the other instructor profiles. If the learner wishes to delve into the website then they will find other driving instructor profiles. So this is a good opportunity to be a part of a community of independent driving instructors where the more that join, the better the advertising on search engines because the bigger and better the content which in turn benefits all advertised on it

The subscription to join is £15 a month for independent driving instructors and £20 a month for small driving schools. Driving instructors franchised with driving schools can also subscribe to get extra advertising. Subscriptions are paid through Paypal so no need to bother with it once it’s set up. It’s like a direct debit through Paypal. Any questions please ask via email, text or call