Privacy Policy

Welcome to A Driving Instructor London. This is the page where you will see the privacy policy for the business. If you disagree with the policy please do not use any of the services provided here as the privacy policy is very relevant to the function of this website and service.

The name A Driving Instructor London refers to the business offering the service or product on this website. The service is an introduction service that introduces the customer to qualified, independent driving instructors who offer their services in the form of driving lessons, intensive driving courses, Pass Plus courses and other services related to learning to drive.

  1. The business will not pass on customer details collected from the website such as phone numbers and names given by the customer, to third parties other than, where necessary to provide the service to the customer or if requested by law.
  2. In providing the service to the customer, customer details such as the name and phone number given to the business, will be passed on to a qualified, independent driving instructor or driving school offering the service or product that the customer has requested in the form of a text message, phone call or contact form.
  3. The business will not sell customer details to a third party other than for the purpose of providing the service to the customer.
  4. Customer privacy is very important to the business and the business will do all that is possible and within the control of the business to keep customer details safe.