Practical Driving Test. Cancellations. Check Service Only


Practical Driving Test Cancellation Check Service Only


An early B car practical driving test found for you at your chosen London driving test center. Text or use the contact form to send your driving license number. Pay via PayPal and the search will begin.

This service is free with all intensive driving courses 

What you need to do if you have already booked with the DVSA:

  1. Pay £20 for the booking service in the A Driving Instructor London shop via PayPal.
  2. Send your driving license number to A Driving Instructor London via text or contact form on the website. You can also leave any additional notes on the form. Click Here
  3. If you haven’t already booked your practical test with the DVSA click here to pay for the DVSA test and the checker fee
  4. Be aware that all practical driving test cancellation dates and times are random. No driving instructor or driving school has control over the dates and times available. Only the DVSA has control over what dates and times are available.
  5. Be aware that a search for a driving test date and time nearest to your requirements will be done for you and it might not be possible to get your exact preferred date and time.
  6. This service is for London test centers only.
  7. When a date and time is found you will receive a text message or email with the details of your test day and time. Please read the Terms and Conditions below before using the service.

Below are the Terms and Conditions you are agreeing to when you use this service:

  1. You must be flexible enough to accept a date and time for your practical driving test  which is within two weeks of the date and time you have given as your preferred date and time. Every effort will be made to find a date and time nearest to your preferred date and time. Your exact preferred date and time might not be possible.
  2. You must be available to reply within 10 minutes to a text message sent to you by A Driving Instructor London when a date and time is found for you for your B car practical driving test if you do not want the date and time of the practical driving test date and time found for you.
  3. If you do not reply within 10 minutes of receiving the text message offering to you the B car practical driving test date and time found for you by the service, the date and time for the practical driving test in the text message will be booked for you and will be your B car practical driving test date and time. This will mean the service to you will be completed.  Refunds are not accepted or given once the service has been completed.
  4. If you do reply to the text within the 10 minute time frame and state that you do not want the date and time offered to you in the the text message, one further search will be done to find another earlier test day and time for you. This will also be the right time to discuss your preferred test centers, dates and times. A text will be sent to you with the new time and day available. If you reply and state that you do not want the time and date offered to you for a second time you will receive a refund of 50% of the original fee paid by you for the service. For example, if the fee is £20, the refund will be £10. This is to cover time spent in the initial practical driving test search.
  5. Ultimately every effort is made to find a practical test date and time nearest to your preference. Your satisfaction is important.
  6. For the purpose of being clear about what this service is, an earlier practical driving test date means, a practical driving test date found for you that is within two weeks of your preferred date. Earlier dates can be found such as a few days from the day you book this service but this will require complete flexibility from you with regards to the the test center, the time and day of test. Please text to discuss this if in doubt.
  7. Any questions please ask before booking the service. Text any questions if you have them after you have booked this service to include any changes in preferred test dates and times. When a practical driving test has been booked for you the service has been given and is complete and there will be no offer or right to claim a refund for any reason.
  8. If a test date has can not been found for you, under these Terms and Conditions you will receive a full refund via PayPal.


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