Terms and Conditions

Welcome to A Driving Instructor London.

The Terms and Conditions of use regarding using all and any service offered on this website. These terms and conditions must be agreed with by the user of this service. If you disagree with them please do not use this service as they are relevant to the function of this business

The name, A Driving Instructor London, refers to the business offering the service or product on this website. The service can be an introduction service which introduces the customer, being the potential student or their representative, to qualified, independent driving instructor offering their services in the form of driving lessons, intensive driving courses, Pass Plus courses and other services related to learning to drive or advance driving. The service can be to find an early practical driving test for the customer. The service can be to offer second hand or new driving related items for sale in the shop. The business may add other services in the future relating to driving. The phrase, “driving lesson”, will in these Terms and Conditions, mean all areas of practical learner driving.

  1. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for details regarding customer information.
  2. The business is a service that functions through this online website. One aspect of the service will introduce the customer to qualified driving instructors. The business is not responsible for the conduct of any driving instructor found through this service and website.
  3. The service to find a B car practical driving test cancellation date for students looking for an earlier test date. Please see the page where this service is fully explained and is a part of the Terms and Conditions of use.
  4. The service to offer online advertising for qualified driving instructors who offer driving lessons or advertising products that the business deems as suitable for this website. It is the responsibility of the driving instructor to make sure their products are reliable and fit for purpose. This business bares no responsibility for the service the person or company advertising on this website provides. If the product is not fit for purpose the advertising will be taken off of the website and no refund will be given for any lose incurred.
  5. The price for driving lessons and intensive driving courses depend on the driving instructor who the customer is introduced to and the area in which the customer is based.
  6. There is no set driving lesson price on the website.
  7. The customer has every right to reject an introduction for any reason.
  8. Although it is up to the driving instructor to set their own driving lesson price, the customer can discuss with the driving instructor for another driving lesson price if they wish to. The final decision is with the driving instructor.
  9. The business makes every possible effort to ensure that the driving instructor offering driving lessons through this website is a qualified, DVSA approved driving instructor or a potential driving instructor, (PDI).
  10. All driving instructors’ introduced to customers through the business are self employed,  independent driving instructors’. They are either working alone, with a driving school or as a driving school. A Driving Instructor London bares no responsibility for them and can not be held liable for anything a driving instructor may do in any situation or circumstance. Any complaints must be made to the driving instructor the customer is having lessons with
  11. It is the responsibility of the customer using this service to check the driving instructors’ ADI badge and ask the driving instructor questions for complete reassurance that the driving instructor is qualified. It is also the responsibility of the customer to end the transaction with the driving instructor if they are not happy with the service provided by the driving instructor.
  12. Any request by the customer or by their representative, for refunds in the form of a standard refund of payment of monies paid to the driving instructor by the customer or in the form of compensation to the customer for any reason, should be made to the driving instructor who was offering the driving lesson service to the customer and not to A Driving Instructor London, the business.
  13. If a payment was made through this website any refund due will be issued through this website. The payment method is through PayPal
  14. Where a driving instructor is a potential driving instructor, (PDI), the customer will be informed in advance of the driving lesson and can cancel the lesson in advance if they wish to.
  15. These Terms and Conditions may be updated over time and may be changed.
  16. The main number on the website and the contact form can be used for customers to make contact, ask questions, complain about a driving instructor and book driving lessons and courses where there is a driving instructor available for their area. When a booking is made in this way, the customer will be contacted by the driving instructor allocated to the customer who covers the catchment area that they are in and will confirm or rearrange the booking with them.
  17. The website shop is governed by the business. All items in the shop have been inspected where possible and if they haven’t the customer will be informed in advance of delivery. Some items in the shop may have been listed on behalf of an independent driving instructor who also offers learner driver services here and may deliver the item to the student at the time of the driving lesson. The customer has every right to turn the item away if they are not satisfied in this instance, at the time of the lesson. If the customer does not turn the item away and accepts the item having seen it in the flesh at the time of the driving lesson, the customer can not return the item for a refund at a later date, especially and despite recourse, where the item is a book.
  18. The B car practical driving test cancellation check service is for London based test centers only. If a test is required out side of London please do not use this service. The service fee of £20 is for one driving test update to an earlier B car driving test date than the student already has and is within a two week period of the preferred date that the student gives when booking the service in the form of a text message or message via the contact form. Most of the time an early test date can be found within  a few days. A text message will be sent to the student for them to agree or disagree with the date found. The student must reply within 10 minutes after the text is sent. If the student does not reply within 10 minutes the student test will not be updated and the student will loose their fee. The student can add a note when booking the service to confirm that their test date can be updated without their agreement and so not will not have to reply to the text message sent when a test is found and their test date will be updated as soon as an earlier date is found for them. The £10 fee is for one B car practical test date update.
  19. When booking a driving lesson and paying for a driving lesson in advance through this website with A Driving Instructor London, you are agreeing to book and reserve a driving lesson time and day slot which is allocated to you only. You will have agreed by text or sending an email message via the contact form on a day and time slot. Once the driving lesson time and day slot is allocated to you as a reservation you must give at least 48 hours notice to cancel or change your reserved driving lesson time and or day to avoid loosing the fee you pay when making the booking. If at least 48 hours notice is not given to A Driving Instructor London by text or contact form you will still have to pay for the driving lesson time and day reserved for you and so you will not receive a refund and you will loose the fee you paid when making the driving lesson booking. You will not be able to change your driving lesson reservation to another driving lesson time slot. If you do give at least 48 hours notice to change or cancel your reserved driving lesson time and day you will receive a complete refund or you will be offered another time and day to suit you